Brands we currently carry: Ananda Professional, Charlotte’s Web, Hemplucid, Kalki, CBD MD, Nuleaf Naturals, Green Lotus and Lazarus Naturals. Our pharmacy takes the quality of the hemp derived CBD products we sell to our patients very seriously. We spend countless hours researching and doing our due diligence before we sell any products in our pharmacy. All of our brands are tested for potency and quality and sourced from American farmers. We review certificates of analysis on products so you don’t have to. Unlike most "CBD shops" popping up all over the place we are licensed healthcare professionals and have a lot more knowledge about healthcare topics and hemp products compared to your local vape shop or run of the mill CBD vendor. We were recently featured on the front page of the Dallas Mornring News  for our quality assurance for the CBD oils we carry. 

We try our hardest to work with patients and their providers on dosing of CBD oil. CBD dosing is not an exact science and sometimes patients may have to try a couple of brands/strengths before one works for them. With that being said we have had plenty of patients successfully use CBD oil to wean themselves completely off of prescription medications (pain killers, depression meds, anxiety meds and others prescriptions) or decrease doses of medications they are currently on. It’s important to work with your pharmacist and doctor in order to do this we do not recommend stopping medications cold turkey as it can have unwanted side effects. Because we are a pharmacy and always have a pharmacist on staff, we can advise you and work with you to achieve this. We do not make any claims that any CBD products we sell will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. So please be mindful of this.

These are just a few examples of what some of our patients are using CBD for: anxiety, insomnia (trouble sleeping), pain, inflammation, arthritis, autism and seizures to just to name a few.


With hundreds of CBD oil brands popping up daily it’s important to use hemp products that are thoroughly tested and grown with accordance to American law. There are currently no regulations on CBD products so there are lots of companies capitalizing on this opportunity and selling illegitimate and sometimes harmful products. In the end you pay for what you get so please be mindful of this when you are choosing other brands.

Brands we currently carry: Ananda Professional, Charlotte’s Web, Hemplucid, Kalki, CBD MD, Green Lotus

We carry sublingual oils, capsules, salves, creams, gummies, transdermal patches, isolate products, as well as dog treats/oils/capsules.   

We can help you find the right products to fit your needs so don’t be overwhelmed with the selection.

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